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"... a wonderful short....stunning resolution and extraordinary music provided by
Tangerine Dream member Thorsten Quaeschning."

- Bruce Campbell, CINEMA RETRO

“...an incredible piece of work...the best movie screened at GSCA 2014....absolutely
stunning, beautiful, and purely brilliant.”


"Through beautiful and hard-earned imagery Wakefield has created a moving inner journey that lets us
feel our connection to our ancient roots and the timeless turning of the earth. I loved it."

- Mark Magidson, producer BARAKA & SAMSARA

36 mins. - 2k DCP - 2.38:1 aspect - 5.1 audio - 24fps



A 4K FullDome planetarium film exploring the emerging science of Archaeo-Astronomy

Available in 25 & 46 min. versions - 4k - 5.1 audio - 30fps

Music by
Steve Roach, Banco De Gaia & Zhenia Mahdi-Nau

"...a beautiful film, combining stunning timelapse sequences from ancient sites
with interviews with experts in the field. Our public premiere sold out...
I would be very pleased to offer this again at our venue."

- Dr. Jenny Shipway, Head of Planetarium, WINCHESTER SCIENCE CENTRE

Produced in association with SKY-SKAN Europe GmbH


MIRAGEMEN - the acclaimed HD documentary I photographed half of a few years back - is out now on DVD











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